“An excellent job... Sales and Internet traffic increased over 400% from the prior year.”

- Bob Lang, President, World of Watches



Web Research Assistant Job Opportunity

Our company needs a VA to receive inbound calls and do web research. If you have the right experience, we might also hire you to create webinars and add/edit products in infusionsoft. If interested, please fill out the form with the questions below:

Contact Information

First name:

Last name:   




Email address:


How much experience do you have speaking English over the phone with Americans?


How many Linkedin groups do you belong to?


How many Facebook groups do you belong to?


If we asked you to find the phone number of a Linkedin group organizer or Facebook group organizer, how would you do that?


Do you normally provide a status update after every few hours, or only when a project is done?


Describe an example of an ambitious deadline a client asked you to meet. What did it take for you to meet the deadline?


Describe a decision that required you to compare the pro's and con's of two or more options. The best example would be a web-based service or tools. How did you compare the options and make your decision?


What experience (if any) do you have adding/editing products and affiliates in infusionsoft?


What experience (if any) do you have creating webinars using a service like Gotowebinar.com?


Are you an individual VA or a firm? If you’re a firm, please answer these questions:

      a. How many VA’s work under you?


      b. Can you promise not to delegate our projects to untested freelancers or new hires, without our written permission?


Regarding the persons you will delegate our projects to:

      a. For how long have they worked for you?


      b. How good is their English? (Phone calls will be required)


Please copy the characters below:


Success Stories:

$451,050 In One Mailing... And Triple The Response!

Ken Varga, author of "How To Get Customers To Call, Buy, And Beg For More"

When Ken Varga hired us, he'd already sold malpractice insurance to 700,000+ nurses - using a direct mail letter written by a legendary copywriter.

We repositioned his letter and beat the original by over 3 to 1! Our letter generated 9,021 new policies -- and $451,050 in revenues -- on the first mailing alone.

$250,000 in Two Days!

Terry Paranych, Canada's #1 Re/Max Agent

When Terry Paranych hired us to write a direct mail letter for his first-ever Superstar Agent Boot Camp, he'd never held a conference before. He had no products, testimonials, or house list.

Yet two days after mailing our letter, the letter had generated $250,000 in revenue -- selling out the conference. In fact, many agents had to be waitlisted for the next event!